AS220: Messaging with Postfix (3 days)

This course includes a technology-neutral approach
to implementing effective messaging systems for organizations of all
sizes, as well as hands-on examples of how to set up a complete, secure
and SPAM-proof messaging system using Postfix on the Fedora Core 3
Linux operating system.


Instructor: David C. Niemi


Section 16 SMTP Theory

SMTP Terminology and Architecture

SMTP Commands and Extensions


SMTP Session

Section 18 Postfix

Postfix Features, Architecture, Components, and Configuration

  • and
  • Postfix Map Types and Pattern Matching
  • Advanced Options

    Virtual Domains and Mail Filtering

    Configuration and Management Commands

    Postfix Logging and Logfile Analysis

    chroot’ing Postfix

    Postfix and SMTP AUTH

    SMTP AUTH Server and Clients

    Postfix Extensions


    TLS Server Configuration

    Postfix Client Configuration

    Other TLS Clients and Ensuring TLS Security
  • Lab 18 - Configure Postfix

    Install the Postfix SMTP server on the system and configure it to serve domains
    Configure Postfix to accept network connections

    Configure virtual hosts on Postfix

    Configure Postfix to use SMTP AUTH for secure relaying

    Configure Postfix to support STARTTLS and to secure SMTP AUTH

    Section 19 IMAP, POP, Spam Filtering and Web Mail

    Filtering Email


    Amavisd-new Mail Filtering
    Accessing Email
    The POP3 and the IMAP4 Protocol
    Dovecot POP3/IMAP Server

    Cyrus IMAP/POP3 Server

    Cyrus IMAP MTA integration

    Cyrus Mailbox Admin
    Fetchmail and SquirrelMail

    Lab 19 - Filtering/Web Mail

    Install the procmail mail-filtering software and configure it as the default MDA on the server

    Install SpamAssassin and configure it to flag spam on the server

    Install and configure Cyrus IMAP
    Enable POP3 and IMAP over SSL
    Install and configure the SquirrelMail web email client